03/ Fresh Ideas

We make changes to your account monthly, no more buy and hold!

02/ Pro Research

Our investment selection process is second to none.

01/ Best Results

We employ a strategy very different from any other advisor you've worked with before.


At Forte Wealth Consulting we take pride in being a very different kind of investment advisor than the ones you might be used to.

The key difference between us and many of our competitors; is that we regard protecting your wealth by maintaining a constant cash flow as job one. To achieve this goal we employ what is known as a Covered Call Option Overwrite Strategy.

A covered-call option is an agreement in which another investor pays you cash today for the right to purchase your stock at a higher price in the future. The advantage to this is that it guarantees you an income regardless of your share prices or market performance.
This strategy seeks to provide our clients with a higher return than fixed income instruments such as CDs while limiting their exposure to the volatility of the stock market. The ultimate end is to produce the cash flow that you and your family need today and tomorrow rather than promise high returns in the future.


Our Mission

We regard protecting and preserving our clients’ wealth as our primary mission. We have adopted this mission because we understand that our clients’ wealth represents their life’s work and their families’ futures.



Who We Are

We’re a firm of great experience dedicated to serving the needs of everyday people. We’re based in Oklahoma, not in New York or Chicago; so our values are those of Main Street – not Wall Street.



Our Criteria For Investment Selection

We call ourselves wealth managers; rather than investment advisors, because we think that the preservation of our clients’ wealth is our most important duty. To that end we have devised an investment selection process designed to limit risk..



Our Annuity Products

As one of the leading providers of life insurance and annuities in the United States, North American has continuously fulfilled commitments to our customers since 1886. Families and businesses alike have counted on North American to be…


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