Our Annuity Products

A fixed indexed annuity is still one of the best means of providing a safe, guaranteed stream of retirement income available. That is why we offer a full portfolio of cutting-edge fixed security products from Athene USA and North American Companies.

Athene is a highly respected provider of annuities and life insurance; that has issued 1.1 million policies through 23,300 independent agents across the United States. Three of the top ratings services; Fitch, S&P and A.M. Best, have given Athene a grade of A- for financial strength.

As one of the leading providers of life insurance and annuities in the United States, North American has continuously fulfilled commitments to our customers since 1886. Families and businesses alike have counted on North American to be there for them during their most challenging times, and to help prepare them for the good times ahead. They have been doing this for nearly 130 years through outstanding customer service, competitive insurance and retirement solutions, and a foundation of financial strength.

Two of the top ratings services; S&P and A.M. Best, have given North American a grade of A+ for financial strength.

Fixed index annnuities are a simple, fool-proof source of retirement income; that have worked well for centuries. Annuities protect wealth because they are a secured product, but they also offer opportunities for growth. More importantly, an annuit provides a retired person or comfort what they need most; a monthly cash flow to augment savings, Social Security and other investment income.

Forte Wealth Consulting offers such products because they are easy to set up, manage and contribute to. We work with Athene and North American because these companies offer three basic products that meet our customers’ needs.

  • Fixed Indexed Annuities. These products provide protection from inflation because the interest rate is based upon a published stock market index. That allows interest to increase with stock prices, while protecting your money from bear markets. A major advantage to fixed income annuities is that we can add riders that provide guaranteed lifetime income, increased liquidity and death benefits to take care of your loved ones.
  • A Multiyear Guarantee Annuity; or MYGA, pays a fixed rate of interest that is tax deferred for a space time. This can allow you to accumulate additional wealth without increasing your tax bill. We can also set up a rider to an MYGA that will provide a guaranteed stream of retirement income that will be available until you or spouse dies.
  • A Single Premium Immediate Annuity; or SPIA, offers guaranteed income in exchange for a one-time cash payment. The advantage to a SPIA is that youset the income stream to last as long as you want. For example, if you wanted to delay Social Security until age 70 to get a higher payment; you could set up a SPIA to provide income until them. You could also set up a SPIA that provides income for the rest of your life or your spouse’s life.

If you have any questions about annuities, please call us or email us or schedule a visit at our office. At Forte Wealth Consulting we are always happy to sit down and explain our products to anybody with questions.

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