Our Mission

Protect Your Wealth while providing a High Level of Customer Service

We regard protecting and preserving our clients’ wealth as our primary mission. We have adopted this mission because we understand that our clients’ wealth represents their life’s work and their families’ futures.

To this end we try to adopt investing strategies that minimize risk and maximize cash flow. This is why we concentrate upon covered-call options and utilize diversification in our portfolio selection process.

We believe that actions speak louder than words, so we work hard to prove ourselves to our clients through the service we provide. Clients may notice our service is very different from that they’ve received from other “investment advisors” in the past.

The most important action we take is to charge fees and not commissions. That means we make our money serving clients – not by selling them investments they may not need. Relying on fees for our income gives us the time we need to constantly monitor clients’ portfolios, and ensure the levels of cash flow and protection that they need. It also puts us in the position to maintain the level of contact with our clients that they want.
We strive to always be available to answer phone calls, respond to messages and answer emails. This sets Forte Wealth Consulting apart from those firms that only call clients for an annual review.

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